We provide complete end-to-end solution to the following sectors.
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We help you custom-design and develop an IoT based solar panel monitoring system & reporting solution that increases the efficiency of your solar plant.


Tracking of status and real time location of miners working in harsh & prevents many negative situations that may rise due to work environment.

Energy Meter

IoT real-time energy monitoring provides live energy consumption data which helps you to continuously monitor the efficiency of your assets and decide if they require maintenance or are needed to be replaced.


Railway sensors provides continual monitoring of the conditions,ideal for covering locations that are difficult for maintenance staff to reach for iot level.


Monitor environmental parameters and plant growth to predict pest behavior and address any pending pest issues before they impact crops.

Dams & Reservoir

IOT can provide Live status of Structural Failures, Hydraulic Failures, Mechanical Failures, monitoring and controlling the water distribution management by usage of various sensors, control valves, automatically & proactively manage outflow during crisis by using statistical data of the environment.