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We provide complete end-to-end services to the following sectors.

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Optimize resource utilization and prevent outages with a software monitor.

People congregate to enforce social distancing and identify individuals with high temperatures on account of COVID-19. In response, technology providers have developed automated identity and temperature monitoring tools that allow locations to check people's temperatures.

Businesses, schools, airports, institutions and government facilities are anxious to resume operations following enforce social distancing and identify people with high temperatures.

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Health Information System for aggregate and case-based data, contact tracing, ports of entry, analysis, mapping, dashboards, and mobile data collection

COVID-19 Aggregate Surveillance [aggregate]: an aggregate reporting dataset that captures minimum necessary data points for daily or weekly reporting.

Countries are facing a multitude of questions that must be addressed to prepare for and respond to COVID-19 while maintaining other essential health services across the life course. Key decisions and actions must be informed by accurate and timely data on health service delivery and utilization throughout all phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Transport Monitoring System

Fuel saving by excluding possible fuel misappropriation and unauthorized use of vehicle and Increasing cost-efficiency of enterprise’s vehicle fleet.

Transport providers can hardly meet the market demand because of the fast expanding volume of intercity passengers, the laggard bus dispatches and proper route management systems.

The Transport Monitoring System is connected directly to the vehicle and used for monitoring various goods like wind turbines, lithium batteries, and many other fragile and sensitive products. Learn how to use the Transport Monitorings System in your industry.

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It's Time To Make Fire Extinguishers Accountable and Reality.

Fire extinguishers are vital, creating a layerd web of fire safety everywhere. Yet, inspections are rarely performed. Electronic monitoring technology for fire extinguishers insures the fundamentals are ready when we need them and alerts authorities when fire extinguishers are activated for use.

This system has an electronic signal that notifies you when a fire extinguisher is blocked, missing from its designated location or when its pressure falls below safe operating levels. The system instantly sends an alert to the building’s fire or security control panel. An alert can also be sent directly to you through an instant email, phone call or pager notification.

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Mining Control Panel System

We offers a wide range of automation systems, electrical equipment and components for mining applications.

We supplies various support services such as installations and commissioning services, as well as fault finding / troubleshooting, and remote system support.

Mining instruments provide real-time monitoring of materials handling equipment including crushers, mills, pumps, flotation cells, and cleaners. They are also used to monitor fill levels in transportation vehicles, silos and storage tanks.

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Energy Sector

“When you reduce the cost of failure, you see a big eruption of innovation.” – Gary Hauthier

The Internet of Things helps provide enhanced control over energy consumption, therefore making organizations reduce excessive waste and pollution. Moreover, using IoT applications with businesses leads to an increase in cost savings and cuts down the CO2 emissions.

For renewable energy providers, IoT data can help set goals for their renewable storage systems, leading to more effective usage of renewable energy sources that compensate for the intermittency of renewable power generation.

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