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Towards Future with Wireless Technology


AEMS (Advanced Energy Management Solution)

The new concept for all challenges of power sector will be Smart Grid tecniques. The utilities stand to benifit in terms of better reliability, security & availability of power to all consumers. AEMS (AMI) Smart distribution, Home automation, Injection of renewable & consumer participation are essential features of Smart Grid.


Smart Meters

A smart meter is usually an electronic device that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an half an hour or less and communicates that information at least every half an hour or daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing.It enables two-way communications with the meter and has the ability to reduce load, disconnect-reconnect remotely.


DCU (Data Concentrator Unit)

The Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is a gateway for communication of data between the Smart Meter and the substation. The DCU requests information from the Smart Meter on a scheduled basis and stores the data, which can be accessed by the Substation server. The Sub-Station can access real time data from a connected Meter directly through the Data Concentrator Unit.


REMCO (Remote Monitoring Control & Alerts)

Remote Monitor Control and Alerts for any equipment like campus light,high mass light, street light, tunnel light, signal light, solenoids, diesel generator, compressors, pump, motors, etc., and any parameter or sensor like Level, pressure, humidity, Voltage, current, frequency, Power factor, KWH & many more.


Smart Grid Lab

We also provide Smart Grid Lab Facility dedicated to Educational Institutions, for better understanding and awareness of advanced technology to students.


IOT & Customization

We are focused on IOT(Internet of Things) related Projects and ready to customize our product to meet our customer requirements.

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