WiFi Clock

synchronized accurate reliable time displays

Why choose Us?

WiFi Clocks enable the use of an existing Wi-Fi Network, providing synchronized accurate reliable time displays. There is no need for a physical Master Clock. The Wi-Fi network will provide the daily time update automatically. We can connect N - number of colck with synchronized time.

The ability to install an accurate reliable synchronized clock system and use your existing Wi-Fi is a fabulous and straight forward approach. with the help of dedicated mobile app user can add or remove N-number of clock and configure by using the same. Also user can set the alaram from the mobile app either individual clock or by grouping the all clock.

Our Wi-Fi clocks operate on a standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. The clocks operate on 240V AC. It has a seven segment Display. Inbuilt buzzer for alarm. inbuilt RTC is used to give accurate time even if the network connectivity fails.

To configure the wifi crendital is very simple with the help of our app user can enter the wifi credential. Once the clock is synced to your network they are ready to be placed on the wall. It will work both Internet and Intranet

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Technical Specifications

Display 7 Segment LED display
Accuracy ±10ms
RTC ±100 to ±20 parts per million
Buzzer Piezoelectric (for alarm)
WiFi Built-In 802.11 b/g/n
Communication Interface USB Communication
Operating voltage 100 V AC to 275 V AC @ 50Hz
Power consumption <1W
Operating temperature 10 to 50 °C
Size 20cm x 4cm x 7cm
Weight < 1 kg
Enclosure MS, ABS bezel & Aluminum panels (F & R)